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Thrum revolutionizes ​partner ecosystem ​strategies with our AI-​powered Give/Get Value ​(GGV) exchange metric. We ​provide a unified, ​predictive KPI that ​accurately measures ​ecosystem contributions, ​driving growth and ​efficiency.

Our platform empowers companies to ​unlock the full potential of their ​ecosystems, transforming how they ​value, understand, and invest in ​ecosystem strategies.

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Over 98% of surveyed sales leaders and 95.9% of marketing leaders believe in increasing investment in partnerships

Source: HubSpot

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The Network/Platform economy is projected to account for more than 25% of the global economy by 2030

Source: McKinsey & Company


High-performing ecosystems drive on average 1.5x cost reduction, and generate 2.1x incremental revenue growth

Source: EY

A Novel Approach

to a complex problem

At Thrum, we believe that the future ​of business growth lies in harnessing ​the power of partner ecosystems. ​However, traditional methods often ​fall short, with 90% of ecosystem ​strategies failing due to unclear KPIs ​and complex, unsustainable ​processes. That's where we come in.

Taking the team approach to problem-solving

Revolutionary ​Metrics

Our Give/Get Value (GGV) ​exchange metric quantifies ​ecosystem contributions. ​Integrating AI with your ​existing data, Thrum provides ​a single-source-of-truth KPI ​that accurately reflects your ​ecosystem's impact on ​revenue, growth, and ​customer lifetime value.

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Seamless ​Integration

Thrum seamlessly integrates ​with your current tech stack, ​delivering actionable insights. ​We leverage data from various ​sources, including third-party ​and partner-shared data, to ​provide a holistic view of your ​ecosystem's performance.

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Predictive & ​Scalable

Our AI-powered solution ​measures current ​performance and predicts ​future opportunities. By ​assigning GGV scores and ​generating actionable alerts, ​Thrum helps you identify and ​capitalize on valuable ​partnership opportunities.

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Empowering ​Decision Makers

Thrum provides executives and ​boards with the clarity and ​confidence to invest in their ​ecosystem teams. Our ​consistent, flexible, and ​accurate metrics drive ​informed decision-making, ​increased investment, and new ​growth potential.

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Our Mission is to Revolutionize the way companies ​value, understand, and invest in ecosystem ​Empowered Growth strategies

“Partnership is not a legal contract between two equal individuals. It’s an emotional alliance between two people who are committed to each other’s success.”

Warren Buffet

We can’t do it alone... we work with functional experts and key technologies to bring your ecosystem strategy to life...basically, we practice what we preach

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