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Ecosystem Evolution

The strategies of the past aren’t working, unicorn creation has faltered... it’s time for something new, it’s time for Ecosystem Empowered Growth

Ecosystem Empowered Growth (EEG) is a clear solution, a darling topic for analysts and consultants, and the direction all of the major tech companies are moving...and it also has a concerningly high failure rate.

Thrum is here to tackle the failure rate by creating a new lens for ecosystem evaluation using our proprietary Ecosystem Propensity Model (EPM) before layering EEG metrics into our proprietary ROI model in order to delivery a bespoke capabilities and propensity based strategy ready for execution.

Unicorn Habitat Restoration Services

EEG Propensity, Capability, & Strategy

Ecosystem Empowered Metrics & KPIs

Integrated, Informed, Bespoke Execution

A sharp rise in complexity, combined with critical levels of attrition and burnout, highlights the need for a new paradigm, new metrics, and a tolerance for being wrong on the way to being very right


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