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Ecosystem Empowered Growth (EEG) represents an advanced system of processes and controls meticulously engineered to align cross-functional internal stakeholders with ideal partner personas.

This strategic framework ensures that customers receive optimal value with minimal direct intervention precisely when needed.

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Over 98% of surveyed sales leaders and 95.9% of marketing leaders believe in increasing investment in partnerships

Source: HubSpot

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The Network/Platform economy is projected to account for more than 25% of the global economy by 2030

Source: McKinsey & Company


High-performing ecosystems drive on average 1.5x cost reduction, and generate 2.1x incremental revenue growth

Source: EY

Why you need thrum

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Exponential increases in market complexity are rendering traditional operating models and metrics obsolete, yet ecosystem solutions are struggling to deliver the expected impact.

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89% Burnout

Mass employee attrition and burnout are creating more internal silos and homogenized thinking, diminishing organizational responsiveness to complexity.

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Limited grasp of ecosystem execution models and integrated success metrics results in unused innovation capital and missed opportunities in the network economy.

A Novel Approach

to a complex problem

Thrum's innovative approach is uniquely tailored to meet today's market challenges. We start with a thorough assessment of current strategies and capabilities, followed by the development of a customized strategic plan. Our execution is meticulously detailed, adapting in real-time to shifting market demands. This comprehensive method engages investors, the entire organization, and a network of experts, ensuring alignment with client goals and distinguishing Thrum from traditional consultancy models.

Taking the team approach to problem-solving
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Product limitations or philosophical differences hinder companies' ecosystem strategies. Our Ecosystem Propensity Model (EPM) offers clear insights into their execution capabilities.

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Thrum's Ecosystem Empowered Growth ROI Model (EEGM) uses evidence-based metrics and expert collaboration to clarify a comprehensive strategy that enhances traditional go-to-market methodologies.

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Thrum collaborates with experts and key stakeholders to implement a unified EEG strategy including Product, Sales, Marketing, Operations, and Leadership.

Creating an ecosystem-empowered model across the organization.

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Thrum shifts to a supportive and advisory position, facilitating the independent progress and success of the ecosystem-empowered organization and its contributors

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GOAL: to empower organizations with top-down, fully integrated ecosystem empowered growth strategies

“Partnership is not a legal contract between two equal individuals. It’s an emotional alliance between two people who are committed to each other’s success.”

Warren Buffet

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Who We Serve...

venture capital & private equity

Thrum empowers investors to unlock the potential of EEG models within their portfolio companies. Whether you’re evaluating a company for a prospective investment, assessing if existing portfolio companies can embrace an EEG strategy, or deciphering why those who have implemented ecosystem strategies aren’t meeting expectations, Thrum not only identifies the company’s EEG propensity and capabilities but also delivers a detailed report on how to leverage both to your advantage.

CEOs & Executive Teams

Thrum transforms the frustration of ecosystem strategy misfires into a symphony of actionable, predictable, and sustainable results. By fully grasping EEG capabilities and propensity, Thrum equips you to design new EEG investments for triumph or to understand why current strategies fall short. Once we comprehend propensity and capability, we craft a bespoke strategy that provides your organization with the structure, processes, tools, and systems to truly maximize your EEG investment.

Systems integrators & strategic Consultants

Think of us as your ecology wizards, ready to cultivate the fields and plant the seeds, so you can water, nurture, and grow the crops, preparing our mutual customers to harvest the bounty. Effective EEG is a rising tide that lifts all boats. With Thrum by your side, we can not only increase the chances that your strategies hit their targets but also reach for exponential growth. We know we’re better together, so let us sprinkle some magic into your process and help you deliver exponential value to your customers.

We can’t do it alone... we work with functional experts and key technologies to bring your ecosystem strategy to life...basically, we practice what we preach

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